A Screen-shot from the classic Stanley Kubrick Noir film of 'The Killing'(US56)

A Screen-shot from the classic Stanley Kubrick Noir film of 'The Killing'(US56)
Considered one among the Screen's great Noir films is that of Stanley Kubrick's 'The Killing' starring Sterling Hayden in a race-track heist gone wrong. It was released in 1956.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Movie-lore. RIP-Sidney Lumet (Jun 25th1924-Apr 2011). A Tribute.

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 A Cinephile's Tribute to legendary film-maker Sidney Lumet & his notable works..
**Peter Finch as Howard Beale in Network I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more"- Howard Beale (up) in 'Network' (76)
  •     Sidney Lumet (1924-2011) death at the age of 86 on 9 April, was a  great loss to the film industry on 9th Apr,2011,of Lymphoma starting as an actor, Dir of TV series, & then moving on as a director of great understanding of the ethos & pathos of NYC or The Big Apple. He would move on to be Hollywood's leading Dir with a career spanning half a century with 43films credited in his name. Born on 25 June, I924, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Yiddish parents Baruch & Eugenia Lumet, both performers in Yiddish theater, he started acting at the age of 4 at his father's Yiddish Art Theater in NYC, the city to would be a vital place as said earlier in his movies to come. He also played various roles on  Radio & Broadway, with a performance in 1935. He also acted in Sidney Kinsley's famous drama 'Dead End' made into a film starring the dead end kids & Bogart after 2yrs He appeared in his 1st & only Film role, 'One Third of a Nation' in 1939. During the 2nd World War his career was interrupted, enlisting in the US Army for 3yrs with stints in Burma & India as a radio repairman as his part in the War effort..
  • His evolving status as a prominent Dir in Hollywood with off Broadway productions to a Dir of repute in the TV productions a new medium in the 1950s working with his peerage  like Robert Altman of 'M.A.S.H' fame & Arthur Penn of the 'Bonnie & Clyde' fame. He started as an asst to the legendary actor/director Yul Brynner. While working for CBS he directed 100s of episodes, such as 'You r There' (1954-57), also directing original plays for TV production houses, Kraft, Playhouse 90, & more, establishing him as a respected Dir.
  • It wasn't till 1957 when he directed his 1st feature film, making him known as a great Dir & his style of portraying stark realities, mysticism & the grandeur of low-life & the powerful in NYC.  He became a part of H'wood Movie-lore in this genre, & can b only compared with Martin Scorsese's works portraying the life in the 'Big Apple' . His movies starred actors of diverse talents as, Henry Fonda, Lee J.Cobb, Brando, Al Pacino, John Cazale, Paul Newman, Rod Steiger, Peter Finch, Mike Cain, Chris Reeve, Faye Dunawaye & the legendary Kate Hepburn, among others, leaving an indelible mark as a foremost Dir in Hollywood.
  • His 1st movie was the '12 Angry Men' my personal fave among courtroom drama genre, starred Fonda & Lee J.Cobb, set in a room at a US court with multiple actors portraying the diverse language, mind-set, of multi-ethnic cult in the US.. 12 persons as members of a Jury in a murder trial involving a young son murdering his father, all coming together with no previous acquaintance, to deliver an  unanimous decision as jury members which the Court's cross-examination of witnesses against the boy. An adaptation of a TV play, the Film garnered 3 AA Nominations, for adapted screenplay, Best-Pic, Dir, & Fonda for acting it also won the Berlin Film Fest's Golden Bear award. Receiving critical acclaim for his riveting style in '12 Angry Men, he was the 1st wave of directors of their successful transition from TV to the big screen. The other notable films of this 'hard-boiled straight-shooter' as described by a critic of Lumet, with social overtones & portrayal of NY C's  , were 'The Fugitive Kind'(59) with Brando, Long Day's journey into Night'(62) with Kate playing a drug addicted House-wife, 'The Pawnbroker'(64) with Rod Steiger playing a Jewish pawn-broker & his poignant experiences at a concentration camp of the Nazis, during WW 2, his movie 'Fail Safe' with Fonda & Walt Matthau is considered one of the top political movies during the Cold-War, 'The Hill' with Sean Connery the 007 of that time, Serpico(73) & Dog day(75) afternoon with Al & Cazale, based on real events. His most striking film was 'Network' with Peter Finch as the deranged disillusioned American with top notch stars, a satirical work of Paddy Chayefsky. Peter Finch went on to b the 1st actor to win an Oscar for Best Actor posthumously. His presentation of Agatha Cristie's, Hercule Poirot thriller in 74 with a huge cast. 'The Wiz' produced by Motown & Universal was made on a 1975 Broadway musical of the same name, an urbanized re-telling 'Wizard of Oz'(39) of a musical by Frank Baum, with an all Afro-American cast, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross & Richard to name a few. 'The Anderson Tapes' in 1971 starring was a year of his satiric come-back with the type of Script he specialized in.
    • In his life-time he was nominated 4 times by A.M.P.A.S for Direction, most notable was his 1st feature '12 Angry Men'. He was an Actor's Dir, many from Lee Strasberg's 'method acting' actor's studio like Brando & Pacino. His films yielded 17 AA  wins from 50+ Oscar nominations.He was honored with a lifetime achievement Award in 2005. In 2007 he directed his last feature, "Before the Devil knows you r dead" with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Ethan Hawke, & Albert Finney, made its American Debut on Oct 7, 2oo7 with a 88% of +ve reviews at the NY Film Fest. The film received critical acclaim & a rating of 84 on 100 based on it's reviews including 'Rotten Tomatoes', Critics rightly coined the words 'A Living Legend' in 2008 to him. He passe he passed away from Lymphoma, on April 9, 2011. 

"Classic Scenes from Movie-lore"

"Classic Scenes from Movie-lore"
The Movie "Now Voyager" (42) Miss Bette Davis turned a few MCPs head in disdain for viewing a Lady, & that too on-screen smoke, Paul Henreid lighting of 2 Gigarette's, 1 for her in a scene in from this Movie.'

All Time great's CasablancaUS42,the screen-shot shows the whole stellar cast.

All Time great's CasablancaUS42,the screen-shot shows the whole stellar cast.
Col,Strasser has been shot, Round up the Usual Suspects.

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