A Screen-shot from the classic Stanley Kubrick Noir film of 'The Killing'(US56)

A Screen-shot from the classic Stanley Kubrick Noir film of 'The Killing'(US56)
Considered one among the Screen's great Noir films is that of Stanley Kubrick's 'The Killing' starring Sterling Hayden in a race-track heist gone wrong. It was released in 1956.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

James Bond d official Eon productions Part IV.. (contd from Part-III of 007)

Moore played 007 till d age of 58
Roger Moore as 007
  • # Movie-lore- OO7 contd from Part III of d same topic.  Part IV.
  • After Sean Connery (6) & George Lazenby (1) appeared as 007 in d official series by Ian Fleming created MI-6 Spy, a new actor with tough looks & also match a playboy image was in need at d Eon production. To carry on its legacy left behind by Connery & d Australian Lazenby, many a great actors like James Mason, Rex Harrison, David Niven, Trevor Howard & a top-billed actor & a friend of Broccoli's  Cary Grant were rejected. Already balding. Interestingly Connery used to wear a toupee for his role as 007 aged 32 yrs old in Dr. No.. Mixed reviews of d 007 films, & with d Vatican rebuking Dr. No & others, Fleming finally approved of Connery thus making a Scottish ancestry of more 007's to come in d later adapted 007 Flicks that would bolster its image as a romantic tough Spy.
  • George Lazenby(extreme right) screen-test for d 2nd Bond
    • After Lazenby turned down to play 007 in 'Diamonds r forever' Connery was roped in with a remarkable 1.25 million $ plus 12.5 % of d gross profits & an extra pay packet every week if shooting was not completed in 18 months. In 1972 a replacement to Connery began & Jeremy Brett, & 2 others were considered to play 007 in d upcoming Bond film 'Live & let die'. It was d 45 yr old Roger Moore getting d nod. Moore would be d longest serving 007, spending 12 years & 7 films as 007. Critics said that Moore had none of d gravitas of Connery. Despite mixed reviews on d new 007, d film 'Live & Let die' (73) went on to b a great box-office success, Thus Moore was successful enough to play d role till his late 50s keeping d Franchise running.
    • Here is a list of Roger Moore appearing as 007 since 1973-85.
    • #8) Live & Let Die (1973) Dir:(Guy Hamilton).
    • The Man with the Golden gun (74) Dir: (Guy Hamilton).
    • #10) The Spy who loved me. (77) Dir: (Lewis Gilbert)
    • Moonraker (79) Dir: (Lewis Gilbert).
    • #12) For your eyes only (81) Dir:(John Glen)
    • Octopussy (83)  Dir:(John Glen)
    • #14) A View to a kill. (85) Dir: (John Glenn)
    • James Moore wanted to exit after "For your Eyes only" in 1981 & a string of young actors including James Brolin & Oliver Tobias were screen-tested. But since d Non-Eon 007 flick 'Never say Never again' starring Connery was released in 1983, d producers prevailed upon d 55 yr old Roger Moore to return playing 007 for their next project, Octupussy (83) as its release year coincided with d non-Eon Bond flick with d 1st official 007, Connery cast in d role of 007. Because of his age 100s of Stunt doubles were employed & only d close-ups were done by Moore. He would go on to regret playing 007 in his last flick 'A View to a kill' (1985) which received a thumbs down from all critics. his.
    • Timothy Dalton 1987-89was considered to replace Connery in 1968, but couldn't materialize due to his young age of 22 which he felt wouldn't match d role of 007,thus walking out from d screen-test. He was approached again after 12 yrs to replace Moore in 'For your eyes only' in 1981 but d producers having no script, Dalton feared that he might be asked play  Bond flicks of d 'Moonraker' & 'Spy who loved me' type, which wasn't his idea of 007 Bond films. Dalton was d 1st actor to b offered d 'Living Daylights' but had to turn down d offer because d dates clashed with his commitment  given to d producers of Brenda Starr. Pierce Brosnan was screen-tested with other actors like Sam Neil & Lewis Collins before Dalton was given a revised production date which he could accommodate after wrapping up his shoot for Brenda Starr. So this British actor famous for playing stage & TV roles, trained in d British Shakespearean tradition,  was to appear as d 4th actor to play 007 in d official Eon Series production of  "The Living Daylights" in1987.
++Part V (1987to 2011 to b contd    (Part V shall b d concluding part of, 007, d journey) ..........              

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"Classic Scenes from Movie-lore"

"Classic Scenes from Movie-lore"
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All Time great's CasablancaUS42,the screen-shot shows the whole stellar cast.
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