A Screen-shot from the classic Stanley Kubrick Noir film of 'The Killing'(US56)

A Screen-shot from the classic Stanley Kubrick Noir film of 'The Killing'(US56)
Considered one among the Screen's great Noir films is that of Stanley Kubrick's 'The Killing' starring Sterling Hayden in a race-track heist gone wrong. It was released in 1956.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Movie-lore's Legendary Directors. An Introduction.

Charles Chaplin
Sergei Eisenstein

The Top Directors of H'wood

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One of the most important area in the making of a Movie-feature is that of Direction, although undoubtedly the end-product that we relish on the screen is a result of the toils & talent, put-in by the group of technicians, artists, stuntmen & the Producers. Yet as perceived of the contribution by me, the Dir can be seen as the 1st among equals in the vast Motion-Pic Industry or simply the helmsman of a ship. 
Therefore an array of Directors mostly from Hollywood is one topic that I intend to post in a series, the styles of the great Directors in the form of an Introduction & then to pick a great Director in a randomly selected order from my next posts.
Hollywood in particular has a list of Directors that kept churning out hits without the raw slap-stick humor, brazen themes, sleaze, & socially/historically off-tuned movies that is so much an integral part of the majority in today's Movie-World.
Here are a few of the most-prolific directorial-Moguls of the #1-medium of entertainment the world of Show-Biz i.e. Cinema.   

Norman Taurog
Frank Capra

John Ford
Victor Fleming

Frank Borzage



Michael Curtiz
John Huston

                     Alfred Hitchcock & Fred Zinneman                                                       
***The Pics above are of a few of the Directors, whose services to the Film Industry has been trend-setting & commendable thus carving out a  golden-era in the History of Movie-lore. Also I apologize to the Readers for omitting a few of the illustrious Directors due to spacing problems. Please comeback for more of this, as I'll be posting posts on Directors individually marking them as #1, 2, & so forth .  

#1. D,W.Griffith....... to be contd......

"Classic Scenes from Movie-lore"

"Classic Scenes from Movie-lore"
The Movie "Now Voyager" (42) Miss Bette Davis turned a few MCPs head in disdain for viewing a Lady, & that too on-screen smoke, Paul Henreid lighting of 2 Gigarette's, 1 for her in a scene in from this Movie.'

All Time great's CasablancaUS42,the screen-shot shows the whole stellar cast.

All Time great's CasablancaUS42,the screen-shot shows the whole stellar cast.
Col,Strasser has been shot, Round up the Usual Suspects.

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Famous Chaplin in LIFE.

Famous Chaplin in LIFE.
His Life & work.