A Screen-shot from the classic Stanley Kubrick Noir film of 'The Killing'(US56)

A Screen-shot from the classic Stanley Kubrick Noir film of 'The Killing'(US56)
Considered one among the Screen's great Noir films is that of Stanley Kubrick's 'The Killing' starring Sterling Hayden in a race-track heist gone wrong. It was released in 1956.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sidney Lumet a Tribute to the American Legend.(Concluding part)

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Sidney Lumet's debut as Dir
# Sidney  Lumet an An American Legend's life in 4 topics, that too of a man who has achieved so much in a life-time of creativity which is in  other words an inventive genius, who set an innovative style of providing small budgeted Cinema for the masses cutting across all  barriers of rich or poor & variety of culture who thronged the theaters where his movies

  • It is indeed a very tough subject to assess or of defining a successful Man's stature.
  • On assessing the  life of Sidney Lumet & his unique contribution to NYC, I remembered a saying that goes like as said by the great Sam Goldwyn  of the MGM studio fame  said "What  message, we're here for Entertainment, delivering messages  is the work of the Western Union. In my view he was  right in his perception as he was a business-man  & on  their shoulders heavyset of another most  important activity in Movie-Biz that is of financing, & ha s to bear the brunt of a Box-Office success or disaster & the demand of more pay-hike by the bankable stars which is a very tedious work
  •     This is the point which makes a Director's experience & skill  come to use being the need for making superb movies with the use of low-budget productions & delivering hits. Sidney Lumet was the perfect  example of  making low-budget films yet do well in the Box office by his mass base that could bail out any major Studio's  in H'wood .
  •     The movie Network with an array of stars from Al Pacino the method actor& the film has among others many cords to its records to its credit -garnering the Best Actor & Actress, Peter Finch is t the 2nd person to win ian n a lead role  receiving his though he hasn't bee lucky at the Oscar's winning none from his 4 nominations  From his 1st film '12 Angry Men' (57) to his farewell film "Before the Devil knows you're dead" has been a successes story & an epitome of successful themes for both the upper & the lower class of viewers, using his unique blend of using simple language  for the epitome masses  of attracting mass-attention in viewing  his Films.
  •     This Great Dir breathed his last on April 9.2011 at the age of 86, it is not the end but his 43 films as Dir, shall always remain till Eternity through his cultured adaption  & his works. In his book 'Making Movies' gives an acct of his collaborations, failure at some point as 'The Wiz' based on a disco version of ' The Wizard of Oz', describing that sinking  feeling as a sentiment of Agony & the Ecstasy in his profession & of the pain one has to endure the hits along-with the mass failure in  the Movie-Biz .

"Classic Scenes from Movie-lore"

"Classic Scenes from Movie-lore"
The Movie "Now Voyager" (42) Miss Bette Davis turned a few MCPs head in disdain for viewing a Lady, & that too on-screen smoke, Paul Henreid lighting of 2 Gigarette's, 1 for her in a scene in from this Movie.'

All Time great's CasablancaUS42,the screen-shot shows the whole stellar cast.

All Time great's CasablancaUS42,the screen-shot shows the whole stellar cast.
Col,Strasser has been shot, Round up the Usual Suspects.

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